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Serenity Villas

Investment Opportunity

120 Units / 144 Beds - Lady Lake, FL

Luxury Memory Care Development Project

The Project

The Villages continues to break records

One of the fastest-growing MSA's continues strong

What is the real estate adage? Location, location, location.  The Villages is an affluent master-planned community for 55+ affectionately known as Disneyland for Seniors.  This continues to be one of the fastest-growing communities in the nation. Growing 32.8% from 2010-2017. More than 5 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer's. By 2050, this number is projected to rise to nearly 14 million. The total number of American's in Florida age 65 and older with Alzheimer's in 2019 was 560,000. The projection for Florida for 2025 is 720,000.


Huge Demand - There are 66,515 individuals (58%) age 65 and older and of those 2,452 require memory (ALZ) services in this PMA

Low Supply - current supply in this market is 195 beds  


The huge demand, low supply and a high barrier to entry combined make for a prime opportunity.  With any good investment, timing is everything and the trend is your friend.

US Census 65 and older household growth.

The number of households with individuals 65+ is growing dramatically. Join us to position yourself for this growing trend. 

US Census

The Villages 2.jpg

The Villages in Orlando MSA is the fastest-growing small MSA in the fastest-growing state. 

US Census

State-of-the-Art Facility

120 Units

144 Beds

Sustainable Design

Tranquil Setting

The villa-style buildings incorporate a design where varying levels of care can be delivered in separate, yet adjacent buildings thus, maximizing staffing without reducing the quality of service.


Residents are in small 20 unit villas with a calming home-like feel with other residents of the same level of care. This allows for personal care/activity programs for each resident and a happier and more peaceful lifestyle for all residents.


The modularity also reduces the design, development and construction periods lowering the risk of the development to less than half of competing developments in the region without reducing the quality of construction or design needed to appeal to a more sophisticated audience.


All buildings will be Leed Certified green buildings equipped with individual air filtration systems and additionally, a NASA designed air and surface purification systems to combat pathogens.

The Team

Experienced Team

Our team has owned, managed and operated over $900 MM in real estate with 9200+ units nationally and internationally: Assisted living and memory care, apartments, commercial office buildings, residential homes and land. 


Over $300MM in Assisted Living and Memory Care development projects


Experienced Operator with over 30 years of experience in the business of elder care


Award winning Architect specialized in ALF/ALZ with 30+ years experience

The Investment


Projects Delivered

> $3B in Projects

160 + Years

Developing, Acquiring and Operating CRE


> 370

Investors Served, Delivering Strong Returns and Cash Flow

> 35,000,000 ft2

Projects delivered on time and on budget

18% IRR

Projected 18 % IRR comprised of cash flow and refi proceeds.  Investment term projected for 4-5 years. 

115% in 5 years
17.6% Avg. Cash flow

Strong Cash flow after Year 2 of operations, 17.6% avg over 5 years

Tax Incentives

Limited time tax incentives are available through Bonus Depreciation, Cost Segregation and other strategies to maximize your investment

Serenity Villas Development Project
Investment Opportunity
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CAN 905-802-3396

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